How Women Can Balance Health and Beauty

By healthmultiplex, January 2, 2015

How Women Can Balance Health and Beauty?

All women love to remain attractive and beautiful as long as they live. Many women are seen taking a lot of care about their beauty but are not as conscious about their health. But facts prove that beauty is entirely dependent on your health. Your skin glows and hair shines when you are healthy from within. So if you wish to look alluring take care of your health as well.Picture61

Here are the best ways to maintain good health and good looks

What you eat and when is the most important aspect of a healthy life. Food controls your energy levels, moods and sleep patterns also. So select the appropriate foods that will keep you fit and strong to continue with your daily work.

What to eat

Regarding food habits, make sure that you do not skip your breakfast. You must feel full after your breakfast to keep your engine going till lunch time. A light snack with a cup of green tea is good in between breakfast and lunch. Lunch should include a good amount of green salad, protein, vitamin-enriched vegetables and starchy food like rice or bread. Drinking profuse amount of fruit juices helps to get rid of toxins and is great for a healthy skin. After office, visit the gym for your regular exercises and relaxation and before that fuel up yourself with low-calorie milk smoothie, yogurt and fresh fruits.  Do not indulge in heavy dinner. But consume the necessary foods that have required amounts of nutrients.  Take proper rest and you are sure to wake up fresh every morning to start a new day with great energy and enthusiasm.

Beauty care

It has always been said that the face and the skin is the mirror of your health. If you do not have acidity problems and is healthy in every way, you will look fresh and feel fresh too. But today, due to excessive pollution, a smart way to take care of your skin is to stay clean. You can use herbal cleansers and moisturizers to stay hydrated. Heavy make-up is not good for skin health. However, if you love to dress up heavily and use beauty products, clean them thoroughly before you go to bed. Do not sleep with your make-up on. Choose products that are reliable and always buy from authentic stores. If you can use home-made products, then there can be nothing better than that.

Eat well and be happy and enjoy a glowing skin for life.

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