How to get into shape post pregnancy

By healthmultiplex, December 29, 2014

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a part of the normal pregnancy routine, but shedding the extra kilos and getting back into shape is utmost important. Working women generally find it difficult to cope with the bodily changes and have an urge to get into shape as soon as possible so that they are ready to work again! Well, it is not at all a difficult task all one needs is motivation. Celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai and Mandira Bedi proved it to us that it is an attainablegoal to get back into shape post pregnancy. Let’s seek our motivation from them!


How to go about it? Well, here are a few advices that can be followed….

  • Exercise by doing daily errands

It is not necessary to hit the gym just a week after your delivery. You must start off slow by doing the daily chores on your own. Going to the grocery store or the post office, taking short walks around the park etc. Will prove to be beneficial.

  • Burn calories by breast feeding

Yes, ladies, you heard it right! Studies reveal that the body uses up 500 extra calories per day to produce milk. It is also proved that women who breastfeed their kids are less likely to gain weight than those which don’t. Hydrating yourself is also equally important, as a lot of water is lost during breast feeding.

  • Reduce the intake of carbs in your diet

All carb meals do not fill up the stomach and in turn leave it wanting for more food. Intake of whole-grain food reduces the calorie intake by almost half the amount.

  • Join online weight management programs

Since you are just out of the hospital and cannot afford the time to work out, you can join online programs which guide you through the process of healthy eating, low fat recipes and minimal exercises. While selecting the program on must take into consideration their lifestyle and dietary habits.

  • Seek help and take a rest

Never be hesitant to ask for your husband’s help in taking care of the baby, because taking some time off is essential. Calming down the mind and releasing the tension by will keep the mind and body healthy.

Hopefully these ideas ease your process of getting fit and manage your routine well. Good amount of motivation and a few hours of dedication will never disappoint you during the entire regime. Getting back into shape will boost up your confidence and you will have much more to offer to those who need you.

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